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The 10 Best Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

We are all aware of how keeping our skin hydrated can make it look healthy, nourished and glowing. We typically look up to a moisturizer to fulfill our skin's demand for hydration but what we don't know is that a moisturizer isn't enough. Yes, there are a lot more things to take care of. A solid skincare routine is what our skin demands and this blog will teach you all those ways to keep your skin hydrated.

Below are 10 proven ways to keep your skin hydrated and fresh.

1. Prefer A Moisturizer With Hyaluronic Acida:

Using a moisturizer isn't it, instead find a moisturizer that actually hydrates. Irrespective of the skin type, make sure your moisturizer must contain all the necessary hydrating agents. After all, what good is a moisturizer that does not serve its purpose? Look out for the one that has hyaluronic acid as a component. Note that, this will help re-plump your skin and reduce wrinkles too.

2. Dampen Your Skin Before Moisturizing:

Research conducted by National Center for Biotechnology Information states that the application of moisturizers on damp skin is most effective. Moisturizers are agents that create a protective layer on the skin and prevent water loss. Humid the skin helps improvise the work of moisturizer and lock in more water. Also, make sure to always apply SPF, the harsh effects of sun exposure are not hidden.

3. Using Mild Cleanser:

Cleansing your skin is an important part of having glowing skin. Cleansers remove all the excess oil and dirt from the skin which makes the skin look fresh. But, a lot of cleansers are highly damaging to the skin, which is a great reason for your skin to lose its hydration. So, it's always better to choose a mild option that cleanses your skin effectively. Look out for cleansers containing Retinol, Vitamin C or Ceramides, these are mild and will cleanse your skin so it looks its best.

4. Applying Serum Is a Must:

If your skin needs more hydration, adding a serum to your skincare routine will just do the job. A serum is a skincare product that is applied after cleansing the face but before applying the moisturizer. This is done so it can deliver effective nutrients directly into the skin. A serum containing hyaluronic acid will work the best and there has to be no doubt looking for it. A serum effectively reduces acne, dullness and fine lines, giving you that youthful look.

5. Use Eye Serum:

Undoubtedly, the eye is one of the first places to show signs of dehydration. No one likes puffy eyes that have huge dark circles beneath. Consider, adding a serum to your skincare routine for your eyes. Any serum containing niacinamide and caffeine would work the best as they are some anti-aging ingredients. Niacinamide and Caffeine are known to reduce puffiness and dark circles and give your eyes that glossy look.

6. Skip The Long, Hot Showers:

Are you a fan of hot showers? If yes, this is for you. Hot showers feel relaxing and are incredible when it's cold outside. But, taking long hot showers can actually deprive your skin of the moisture it contains making it look dry and dull. The best thing to do here is, to rinse your face with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer while your skin is still wet so the moisture stays locked in.

7. Moisturize Your Lips:

Are you insecure about your lips? Usually, our lips get dry much more easily than the rest of our skin, giving it a flaky look. Unhydrated lips tend to lose their plumpness and their complexion. Make it a habit to carefully exfoliate your lips and then apply a moisturizing lip balm to them. For females, it would be a great idea to look out for hydrating lipsticks containing shea butter and sesame oil.

8. Invest In A Face Mask:

Incorporating a face mask in your daily skincare routine is one of the great ways to bring that extra moisture into your skin. Finding the right mask will eventually keep your skin hydrated for longer. Since there are a lot of face masks in the market to choose from, the best ones need to have more hydrating agents. Look out for the ones containing hyaluronic acid and squalane for best results.

9. Play With Products Based on Season:

You might discover that the moisturizer that worked great for you till summer suddenly is losing its effect in winter. All thanks to the dryness in the air, in this case, you need a cream that can provide more hydration. In summers, it's hot and humid so a lightweight moisturizer would just do the job for you.

10. Try Water-Based Skincare Products:

If you have oily skin and feel moisturizers get too greasy on your skin and make you feel uncomfortable, do not stop applying moisturizers. Instead, look out for the one that is water-based, as they are lightweight on the skin and will provide you just the right hydration that your skin's craving.

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