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8 Natural Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin - Siena India

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Dry skin causes multiple problems and is triggered by hot showers, cold weather and harsh soaps. Dry skin comes with itchiness and flakiness. Surely, the home care remedies work wonders but a detailed plan to prevent this completely is required. So, here are some skincare tips for people with dry skin.

1. Choosing Cleansers

Cleansers used to cleanse your skin can affect the natural moisture balance of your skin. Dry skin people already have less moisture in their skin. So, when it comes to choosing cleansers, they need to choose the right one with nourishing formula carefully.

Look out for cleansers containing hyaluronic acid, it is a natural moisturizing agent. Apart from this, make sure the cleansers comprise ceramides, glycolic acid and glycerin. These ingredients will not only provide moisture but also help in its retention.

2. Opt For Hydrating Face Masks

The only way to combat the causes of dry skin is to hydrate it properly. Face masks claiming hydration are charged with hydra ionized mineral water. These types of masks penetrate deeper into the skin and hydrate it properly. This is a saviour for all the busy ones out there as this treatment requires 15 minutes to complete.

These face masks are a great supplier of vitamins and minerals, all credited to the active ingredients present in them. These minerals help the skin maintain its natural tone and complexion. Hydrating face masks help retain collagen which again helps with maintaining your skin's elasticity.

3. Exfoliate Regularly

Dryness can be a symptom of all the dead skin cells accumulating on your skin. Exfoliating this layer of your skin may reveal healthy smooth skin beneath helping you conquer dryness. So, doing this will not only hydrate your skin but make it more radiant.

Going slow here is equally important. Make sure, there's a gap between consecutive exfoliation sessions. It is recommended to exfoliate your skin twice a week and not more than that. Over-exfoliating your skin can strip it off of its natural oils and cause your skin to dry out. Try out glycolic acid peels as they tend to draw moisture in your skin and applying other skincare products to it strengthens their impact.

4. Right Makeup Remover

Most makeup removers contain astringents and alcohol which are not good for the skin. These products tend to dry out the skin quicker thus giving your skin that flaky and itchy feeling. Micellar water is highly recommended here as it is an alcohol-free cleanser that contains glycerin which helps hydrate the skin. The surfactants present in it are very mild, therefore it is less irritating on the skin. A good alternative is any cleansing balm.

5. Hydrating Face Serum

An additional layer of moisture only helps your skin, therefore, the addition of a good hydrating serum to your night skincare routine will help it retain moisture in the cells. Night time is considered the best time when your skin repairs itself from all the wear and tear it underwent throughout the day. Applying the serum during this time will boost your skin's healing and also help retain moisture for a long period.

6. Long Lasting Moisturizer

The right moisturizer helps dry skin get rid of all of its woes. So, a moisturizer that works all day long is needed to prevent environmental damage from affecting the skin. So, instead of moisturizing the skin now and then, look for moisturizers that last a long time. Search for moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid, shea butter and coconut milk for a long-lasting effect.

7. Moisturize At Night

The best gift you can give your dry skin is to moisturize it enough. If you're worried about your face looking oily due to all that moisturizer, then do that at night. Your skin can repair dehydrated skin by retaining moisture overnight and you can take advantage of this. Applying moisturizer at night means your skin will retain the moisture overnight helping it repair at a better pace.

8. Avoid Long Hot Showers

Hot showers strip your skin of the oils that are essential for moisture. The top layer of our skin contains healthy fats without which the skin's barrier is impaired and dries out. Once the skin's barrier is damaged, it becomes easier for pollution and microbes to enter your skin and cause different problems like inflammation, acne, etc. A solution to this is to spend no more than 10 minutes in a shower using lukewarm water to reduce the risk of dry and dull skin.


Remember, loading your skin with excess skincare products may not help instead have adverse effects. Hence, start by using a small number of products and layer them slowly to monitor how your skin reacts to them.

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