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13 Simple Tips To Get Glowing Skin - Siena India

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

in in shape, that making it look permanently fresh, healthy, radiant and clear is a combination of the right skin care products, right practice and perseverance. Sounds difficult right? Well, to your surprise it's not! In today's blog, we will be discussing plenty of quick-fix solutions that will take your beauty game to a whole another level.

1. Face Massages

The face is the most ignored area when it comes to massage. A two-minute face massage can bring your face back to life in the short term. Massage your face using a serum or oil using just your fingertips. This helps improve blood circulation in the face and that makes the difference. If you have a little extra time, consider different face workouts too to have much more defined facial features.

2. Hydrating Mask

Who said hydrating masks need to be products made by beauty pros, here's a simple way you can create one for yourself. Mix half a cup of yogurt, a quarter cup of honey and half an avocado and leave this mixture on your face for straight 20 minutes. The yogurt in this recipe is an anti-inflammatory component and avocado is rich in vitamin B. We add a small amount of honey here for hydration.

3. Add Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a must-have component in your serums as most skincare experts suggest. A great technique is to apply a few drops of Vitamin C under your SPF every morning to heal any free radical damage. The use of Vitamin C also helps lighten dark spots and even out the skin tone.

4. Boost Your Foundation

If your current skincare isn't working, you can always fake a glow by slightly improvising your foundation. Mix a few drops of your highlighter in your foundation. A highlighter refracts the light that falls on your skin, adding it in small amounts will make the glow look more natural than just applying the highlighter.

5. Head Upside Down

This might sound strange but hanging your head upside down is a way to get glowing skin. This technique increases the blood circulation and oxygen supply in the face. It is recommended to do this exercise for anywhere around three minutes any longer can do more harm than good.

6. Apply Toner Before Serums

It's not unknown that using a great moisturizer does make your skin look healthy and glowing but something else is just as important. Toners are applied right before using a moisturizer. They have a bad reputation for stripping your skin but the new generation is essential for hydrating. Serums and creams seep deeper into your skin when your skin is hydrated.

7. Improvize Your Skin Barrier

Exfoliating is good but only if it's restricted to two to three times a week, any more than that and you can risk compromising your skin's barrier function. The skin barrier's function is to lock moisture and push elements like free radicals out. If this barrier is weak, skin issues like dryness and irritation arise. There are various serums available to strengthen the skin barrier and keep your face healthy.

8. Stipple Your Foundation

Along with the foundation you use, it is equally important to know the way you apply it. The right application of foundation contributes to an even glow on the skin. Gently buff and swirl your brush on your skin to create a flawless finish. It's just like waxing your car with no pressure.

9. Take Long Bath

To get your body shine, it is necessary to have a bath soak before you exfoliate. Beauty experts recommend a soak with Herbivore Detox as it makes the skin softer. Besides softening, Herbivore Detox also purifies the skin by cleansing the pores and making it baby smooth. Further, follow this up with a body scrub.

10. Consider Layering

If your goal is to get that extra glow then consider applying the powder highlighter on top of the cream. Doubling up on highlighters helps catch and refract more light. Consider investing in a good quality highlighter so your skin doesn't look glittery or chunky but naturally shining.

11. Cool Down

An instant and easy way to de-puff your face and increase blood circulation is to use cold water or some ice pack. You can always go for an expensive roller or a skincare fridge but what will again do the job is nothing else but ice cubes. Running ice cubes on your face until they melt will just do the job.

12. Swap Your Loofah

Initially, rub a salt scrub over your body. A salt scrub is great for exfoliating the skin, after this rinse it off with extra exfoliation from a Korean washcloth which is much more bristly than a normal one. This combo wipes off dead cells and helps achieve smooth skin.

13. Invest In A Laser Treatment

The addition of a yearly laser treatment into your skincare routine can refresh and get your skin to glow. Consider this if it's in your budget as it generally ranges anywhere between $300 to $1000 for a session. Fraxel Dual is another treatment great for anyone above the age of 30 and is more powerful.

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