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Siena Cube

Siena Cube

The revolutionary SIENA cube has been uniquely designed to contour and sculpt your face, tighten pores, de-puff eye bags and add radiance to your skin.


Applying ice on the face helps constrict dilated blood vessels that cause puffiness and dark rings.


It increases the potency of many rich and absorbent products like Serums, Gels, and Face Masks.


When ice meets skin, the capillaries restrict which creates a pulling effect that helps ingredients penetrate deeper. Hence, we want to soak in all the goodness 
Ice is good for reducing fine lines and signs of aging.

  • Benefits

    • Treats acne breakouts 
    • Contours and lifts the skin
    • Improves serum absorption 
    • Shrink the appearance of pores 
    • Eliminates undereye puffiness and wrinkles 
    • Reduce Inflammation and redness
    • Suited for all skin types
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